21km Fun in Fitness 8 week programme

JOIN ENDURANCE ATHLETE NZ WITH THE 21KM TRAINING PROGRAMME: This programme is suitable to you because you want to learn how to run your first half marathon, and is also suitable to you if you are wanting to improve your first half marathon. All fitness levels are catered for. You will already be able to run around 20 minutes. If you want to take the step up and learn more, we would love you to join the group. What is the programme?

This is a unique 8 week programme starting the week of 23 October 2018. There are two sessions a week tuesday and thursday starting at 5.45 pm (50 min session). There is an optional wednesday session also, which is either a 4 or 8 km relaxed social run to take you through the river in the stunning scenery down the Avon River.

The sessions start at 5.45 pm at Hagley Park, meet outside the Amagh Street gate. They are group based and you will meet new likeminded people within the group. 

The costs is $39 per week. Total cost of $312. There is added value as well. Everyone will receive a copy of a unique 21km E book, written specifically for this course, which has a planning diary, key tips in preparing, mental preparation and mind body and spirit, coupled with a few healthy nutrition recipes to help you stay fuelled from whole food. You will receive the book one week prior to the start date of the first training day. 

At the end of the course, we will run a half marathon around Hagley Park in a marked course, which we will email you. (The additional cost to enter this will be $30.00) This half marathon will only be open to members of Endurance Athlete NZ. You are welcome to use the course as training for another half marathon, and there are many more coming up.

There has been a lot of interest in the October 21km training date, however our next sessions will start week of 21 January 2019. Dates and times will be released when we open advertising for this course. 

Price: $312.00